Responsive Design

All of our sites have a responsive design to enable your listings to look great on all browsers and mobile devices.

Multi-category Support

With the new multi-category support - you can now assign a property listing to display in multiple categories. For example - if you're listing a house on a small acreage - it could be assigned to categories such as houses, lifestyle and acreage, without the need to create multiple entries of the same property listing.

Contact Agent Form

Site visitors can contact your agents directly about properties via the full property details contact form. If properties have 2 listing agents - the email will be sent to both agents.

Dual Image Upload System - and Configurable Image Uploads

Upload multiple property images quickly and easily using the SWF image upload system, or use the backup PHP uploader if needing mobile device support. You can also define how many images to allow per property listing - 10, 50, 100 - whatever!

Thumbnail Regeneration

Needs change - so if you need to change the size of your thumbnails - it's easy with EZ Realty. The thumbnail regeneration function will bulk delete the old thumbnails - and regenerate them based on the new dimensions that you specify.

QR Code Generator

EZ Realty auto-generates QR codes for your property listings, and embeds them into the full property details page, PDF print brochure, and the HTML print page. You don't need to do a thing - it's all done on-the-fly for you!

Upload a Panorama Image, Floorplans, EPC Certificates & PDF Files

Upload up to 2 PDF/Doc/Excel information files for your property listings - for example - use this to include rental agreements or miscellaneous sales material. Upload up to 2 floorplans for your property listings. Upload up to 2 EPC certificates for your property listings - as either a graphic or PDF file. Upload a special panorama type image for your property listings - which can then be used in the EZ Realty Slideshow. This allows you to tie your property listings to your template design via the EZ Realty Panorama slideshow module.

Full Copy Support

EZ Realty's copy function now copies not only the property data - it also generates copies of images and file attachments. You're then able to simply adjust the copy to reflect the needs of your new property listing.

Youtube/Virtual Tour Support

Include a URL to an externally hosted virtual tour, or use a Youtube "share video" URL.

Configurable Layouts

EZ Realty has a multitude of layout options - which includes controlling the size of images on the listings pages, choosing between tabbed, slider and plain information layouts on the full property details page, using a simple or detailed mailform layout - and the option to choose from a variety of image display systems - including the Camera slideshow, AdGallery slideshow, Minimalist slideshow or a plain thumbnailed layout with rollover image changes and large popups.

PDF Brochure Generator & HTML Print Support

The PDF brochure functionality means your site visitors can save a PDF file of property details to their local computor hard drive. EZ Realty's PDF generator supports stylish background graphics - giving your PDF files a distinct look along with your company logo. The HTML print function also incorporates your agency banner in its header - to again brand the output with your company details.

Walkscore, Google Mapping & Yandex Mapping Support

We've built Google mapping and Yandex mapping support into all of the EZ Realty front-end areas - so you can configure the listings pages to display results on a map as you search for properties - and you've got Google streetview support on the full property details page as well. If you've got a big community focus - try the Walkscore integration. It'll embed a google map with streetview support into the full property details page layout, along with a walkability rating and list of local amenities!

Save to Favourites

Property seekers can add listings to their favourites list, which allows them to come back at a future date to view. The shortlisted favorites area uses a horizontal layout, to enable the comparison of properties based on a range of commonly considered parameters. Please note that users must be logged in to use this feature.

Send to Friend & Social Networking

Twitter, g+1, Pinterest and Facebook "like" icons are integrated into the full property details page. Site visitors can also recommend a property listing to friends via the EZ Realty recommend to friend function.

Find Similar Properties

Display a list of properties with similar key characteristics to the property listing being viewed.

Open for Inspection Times

Display a page of all properties with openhouse days for potential buyers to follow.

Auction Times

Display a listings page of all properties with upcoming auctions - for those buyers who prefer this method of sale.

Integrated Search Function

Visitors to your website can quickly find properties they are looking for with our Integrated Search System, which allows them to enter various search criteria into a search form which then dynamically loads the results. It's quick and easy for them to find properties with the characteristics that they want.

Enhanced Property Search

Our search systems are geolocation-aware, allowing your visitors to perform searches based not only on suburb, but also incorporating a radius of surrounding suburbs. In fact - the map will auto-center on suburbs that your site visitors search - keeping property results within the current map window.

Multi-currency Support

Flexible multi-currency support, which allows you to run your site listings with a default currency set via the EZ Realty configuration area - or multiple currencies - selected individually for the needs of the specific property listing. Such flexibility is a necessity if you sell real estate in different currencies.

Configurable Property Features

We introduced 6 multi-select features lists for appliances, indoor features, outdoor features, building features, community features and other features. Simply define the features you want to use in each of the selector lists via the configuration settings.

Multiple Menu Options

EZ Realty makes front-end access to your property listings easy. Create menu items leading to all categories, individual categories of property listings, all states, individual states of property listings, all suburbs, individual suburbs of property listings, transaction types, sold listings, open house days, auctions, shortlisted favorites and all listings.

Expiry Management

Control how long listings are displayed for with the expiry management feature. If running a paid listings site with multiple campaign packages - each can have its own advertising period. For example - your premium campaign package may have an advertising length of 6 months, while the basic free package is only for 30 days.

Captcha Antispam Support

Everyone wants to cut down on the amount of spam sent from their site, so EZ Realty has the core Recaptcha antispam plugin integrated.

RSS Feeds & Data Exports

RSS 2.0 feeds are built into all of the front-end EZ Realty listings areas, so site visitors can subscribe to a feed of specific relevance to them. Click on the orange RSS feed icon at the bottom of the demo site property listings pages to view the RSS feed output. Export your property listings to other sites using the EZ Feeds companion package - which is included as a free bonus!


EZ Realty has multi-lingual support - meaning it is coded with language tags and has a language file system to enable the translation of embedded page text, incorporates the core translation system for database content - and has a set of Falang content element files available if you use that component to handle the translation of database content.

SEF-friendly URL's

The frontend of EZ Realty uses SEF-Friendly URL's, which makes it easier for search engines to index your site, and it provides for descriptive URL's that reflect the page content.

Voting & Commenting with jReviews Integration Support

We've incorporated support for jReviews, so your site visitors are able to write reviews and rate properties listed on your site. If using the EZ Portal expansion package - there's also support to rate and review those with property listings.

MLS/IDX Import Support Available

If you're a US agent or broker who needs to import property listings from your MLS via a RETS server - EZ Realty is supported by the iPALS RETS Server. To get more information about iPALS for EZ Realty - feel free to visit or email the iPALS team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

8 assorted modules with a multitude of display configurations

EZ Realty also comes with 8 assorted modules included in as part of the EZ Realty installation package:-

  • Multidisplay module,
  • Map module,
  • Thumbnail carousel,
  • Accordion slider,
  • Panorama slideshow,
  • Patchwork wall,
  • Lists module which allows you to display lists of categories, suburbs and states - as well as a recursive layout which contains country, states and suburbs.
  • Search module